How we do it

Strategic planning

What do we want from this business?

This is the first question to ask and will help us to build a clearer strategic plan. It'll give us clarity and confidence to make important decisions and will inform the future vision and direction of the business. When we know where we're going, we can work out how to get there.

Now we can work on the plan.

Which will fit your particular circumstances and what you want from the business. It may be that you want to grow, or you've been growing and you've realised that it's not all it was cracked up to be - all you've got are more headaches. If that's the case, we need a plan that will help to re base your business to provide you with the security and peace of mind that you now desire - along with a bit more fun!.

Finance and operations

This is like getting the defence right in a football team.

If we can stop conceding goals we will have a sold platform on which to build. The impact of tighter financial controls will improve profitability, whether it's controlling what's spent, better budgeting and purchase control - the impact of small gains in each of these and other areas adds up to a sizeable improvement.

Most business decisions are backed up with a financial justification.

Financial planning, budgeting and forecasting will help us to see how the future should look and to plan in new costs and commitments. We will be better placed to anticipate challenges and to plan any investment requirements. Operationally, improving systems and processes will help us to increase project profitability and to better support client facing activities.

Marketing clarity

'Our marketing plan is informed by our vision and supports our strategic plan'.

This is the outcome we will work toward - where our brand positioning is clear, strong and competitive. Where our positioning sits in line with our vision for the business and when asked, our audiences are clear about exactly what we're good at.

This is when our marketing will truly resonate.

And our comms campaign, integrated across the right channels will deliver real results, which might be an increase in inbound enquiries, better conversion rates or improved recognition. Our audience groups will get the message and we'll start to see growing value in the business.

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